Hi all – welcome to the White Clouds Sangha website. Let me know what you like and where you think we can make some improvements. Any ideas gratefully accepted !  Andy

4 Responses on “Welcome

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for getting this up and running, it is very clear and very zen i feel, sharing our practice with others is a good way to reduce the suffering in our selves and in the world.

    1. Andy Watson says:

      Thanks Angie

      I have just updated the look of the events page – see what you think of that?

      Can you let me have your e-mail address and I will set you up as an “author” for comments etc


  2. Liz Beth says:

    Hi Andy, so nice to have a website for communication, many thanks!

    I have volunteered to start to organise a weekend retreat for members of the sangha at Peace Cottage, aiming for May next year, but prepared to move it a week or so either way if needs be. I’ll have more details of possible dates soon, could people interested sign up via this site?

    You have probably been told this lots already, but the Bristol meditation session on the events page should show the start time as 7pm for 7.15 – until 9pm. It is right elsewhere. Not really a problem, people interested need to ring for further location details anyway.

    Sunny days to you,
    Liz Beth

    1. admin says:

      Hi Liz Beth

      Thanks for your comments

      The weekend retreat can of course be posted on the events page, but we don’t have the ability to book / sign up online. Let me know when you have the details finalised and I will sort out the event on the site.

      I have corrected the meditation times thanks – seems to have been a problem with the clocks going back !

      Can you let me know the dates for the Bristol meetings in December so I can update the event page?



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