Dear Friends. Although we are not meeting face to face at the moment, we have decided to still pay our friends the Quakers for the rental of our usual space. Please help us cover the cost of this by making a donation. If you attend sangha just occasionally we recommend making a donation of £4 per session that you attend. This is a recommendation but please donate according to what you can afford. Nobody should feel excluded from attending sangha for financial reasons.

If you will be a regular weekly attender at sangha then please consider making a monthly subscription donation. You can subscribe by direct debit using the gocardless option below. Thank you for your generosity.

Monthly donation by direct debit using Gocardless

Standard Monthly Donation £15
Reduced Monthly Donation £8

Single Donations

Please use the secure Stripe payment gateway below to make a one off donation to White Clouds Sangha. This can be for a Thursday evening session or for any other reason.

Card Donation

Donate using your credit or debit card via the Stripe secure payment gateway