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Biocentrism and Buddhist Teaching on Reality and Consciousness

Are you interested in the science behind Buddhist teachings on reality and consciousness? You may be interested in reading more about Biocentrism – a “theory of everything” by Robert Lanza MD if you are. Robert Lanza is an American medical doctor, scientist, Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology and Adjunct Professor at the Institute […]

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There are thousands upon thousands of students who have practised meditation and obtained its fruits. Do not doubt its possibilities because of the simplicity of the method. If you can not find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? Dogen, Founder of Soto Zen (1200 – 1253) Our perceptions are conditioned by […]

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A Teacher Looking for his Disciple

A Teacher Looking For His Disciple I have been looking for you, my child, Since the time when rivers and mountains still lay in obscurity. I was looking for you when you were still in a deep sleep Although the conch had many times echoed in the ten directions. Without leaving our ancient mountain I […]

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